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New Years Resolution

Happy Body Challenge

Are you ready to start 2016 off with a healthy lifestyle reset?


Step 1: Sign up for the challenge. You’ll automatically receive daily resources from me, your Registered Dietitian and fitness fanatic, to guide and keep you on track throughout the month!


Step 2: On January 1st, start snappin’! Each day take a quick pic of the content corresponding to the January date.


Step 3: Post to social media.  Post to Facebook and tag Happy Body Wellness and/or post to Instagram tagging @happybodywellness and using the #happybodychallenge and #happybodywellness tags.


Step 4:  Acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments you make every day through this challenge and let the excitement build for the announcement of challenge winners during the first week of February!


Prizes: Nutritional consultations and assessments, kicthen clean outs, meal and menu planning as well as bundles full of the healthiest nurition products available right now! Prizes will be awarded to the following:


  • The five individuals who posted most frequently

  • The individual who transformed the most

  • The individual who showed the most enthusiasm in pictures posted




1. Before Photo (For your reference; you can either post this pic the challenge cover pic)

2. Four Goals (Take a picture of the goals written down)

3. Healthy Breakfast

4. An outfit you're looking forward to wearing

5. Show Me Your Guns

6. Energizing Snack

7. Music That Gets You Movin’

8. Motivational Quote

9. Favorite Work Out Space

10. Show Them Legs

11. Happy Healthy Plate

12. Favorite Healthy Restaurant/ Grocery or Health Foods Store

13. Breathing in Nature

14. Healthy Reading (book/article/blog)

15. Flex Those Calves

16. Veggie Time

17. Calories Burned

18. Work Out Must Haves

19. Taking Care of your Feet

20. Hydrate Me

21. Energizing With Protein

22. Equipment

23. Healthy Desserts

24. Where You Relax

25. Smile :)

26. Strong Core

27. Favorite Work Out

28. Flexibility

29. Fitness/ Nutrition Tracker

30. Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements 

31. Before/ After Photos












New Years Resolution

Happy Body Challenge

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