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Eat The Damn Cookie

Happy Body Wellness is a  nutrition, health and wellness company that was started by anti-diet Registered Dietitian, Bethany Watkins. Bethany believes wholeheartedly in the importance of a balanced lifestyle consisting of nutritious meals, fitness and movement, quality rest, and stress management.

Bethany is a registered dietitian, culinary nutritionist, fitness fanatic, frequently consulted for her "Happy Body Bites" recipes and regularly featured on social media where she motivates, educates and inspires people to become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. 


Happy Body Wellness was founded to help people discover what matters most when it comes to nutrition. There is a ton of false and misleading information out there including plenty of fads that recommend one foods over another but truth is, you can eat ALL kinds of foods and still be healthy and fit.


We use data, research, and experience to empower individuals to make informed health and wellness decisions and we base all of our recommendations on YOUR lifestyle. We will help you to figure out what you should be skeptical about and what you should totally sink your teeth into!

You can find Happy Body on Instagram and Facebook sharing posts about nutrition, fitness, rest and stress management as well delicious recipes.


How "Eat The Damn Cookie" became our trademark.

How often do you find your self saying the same thing over, and over,

and over again? And how many time do you wish you could just

wear a sign around your neck to keep you from having to repeat yourself?

Well, that's just what we did with "Eat The Damn Cookie."


After years of nutrition counseling, I, as a Registered Dietitian,

was able to easily identify and hone in on a client's

disordered eating behaviors and found there was a clearly evident repetition

in the actions clients would take to lose weight.

9 out of 10 times a client's self-reported inner dialogue goes like this:

I want to lose weight so I'm going on a diet.

I ate a low-fat, 150 calorie breakfast. Still hungry but I'll drink extra water and it'll be worth the weight-loss  in the end.

Morning: Oh, yum, someone brought in homemade chocolate chip cookies. WAIT, I'm on a diet, no cookies for me.

Noon: Oh my gosh, the cookies are still out. They look SOO delicious but NO, I'm on a diet, stick to your will power and just eat your salad."

Mid-afternoon: So proud of myself, sticking to this diet. I've been able to resist those chewy, decadently sweet smelling chocolate chip cookies all day. I am a little hungry though. Carrots and rice cakes seem satisfying.

Late-afternoon: I'm STARVING, and already ate all my healthy low-calorie snacks I packed for the day. But, now that I'm thinking about it, I've only had like 400 calories so I deserve a cookie, and if I skip dinner then I can 2 cookies right now.

Eats a cookie, then another, then another, then another three.


Feels guilty, feels shame, goes home and binges because "diet is already wrecked". Tomorrow is a new day to start the diet over.

Its a vicious cycle.

If you want the cookie, then just EAT THE DAMN COOKIE.

​Don't restrict, don't diet, don't tell yourself NO. Eat it, enjoy it and MOVE ON!

how we live our mission

(through food, fitness, and fun!)


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