the 5-day Happy body reset

I'm here to make your life healthier & happier.

The 5-Day Happy Body Reset is a short

hyper-focused jump start program to help  women determine proper nutrition, effective fitness, rest and stress management routines needed to build the body they most desire.


Welcome to the 5-Day Happy Body Reset!


A little bit about the Happy Body Reset; it was designed so that anyone, with any schedule, home or away could participate and start taking the steps to transform their lives.


Our staff of highly knowledgeable dietitians, fitness professionals and wellness professionals prepared several resources to aid you in preparing and completing the 5-day reset successfully.


I’m excited to begin working with each of you and believe that once you get acclimated to the HBW lifestyle philosophy it’ll become second nature, stress-free, and will aid in weight reduction. 


The long-term goal here is to have your relationship with nutrition, fitness, rest and stress management change so that you find yourself in complete control of your body, life and ultimate happiness.

The program is packed full of  resources to provide you education, motivation, and accountability for you to discover your happiest body yet!

Alrighty, you're SOO ready to rock these next 5 days!!! But, before you dive into the work, take a look here to learn about what you'll need to get started!


Today is ALL about Nutrition.


By the time you read this you will have probably forgone the first cup of coffee, tea, JAVA-JOLT!

I know what you're screaming at the computer screen "this stinks". I feel your pain.

However, it will get easier and day after day the caffeine cravings will decrease and your body will take a quick turn for the better. Take a look at the Facebook group page for some helpful tips on weaning that caffeine craving.

The Happy Body Guide will show you what foods you're limiting or avoiding and which foods you're bumping up your intake of!

Today is ALL about Fitness.

HAPPY DAY 2 of the reset ....arguably the hardest day to be honest. 


Day one I'm always excited to get going, by the end of day one my thoughts transition a bit to "holyyyyyy molyyy, how long is this reset" ;)


No worries! Today will fly by and then starting on Day 3 you be come a pro (its a very steep learning curve)


Attached you will find a guide sheet for today that focuses on the importance of fitness in the Happy Body Lifestyle. It is also posted to the group Facebook page.


Lastly, you will receive a NEW* text from me this morning that includes 4 new friends that joined the reset. Please confirm if you have not received it by 7am.


Please keep posting, sharing, and asking questions. I am here to education, and provide motivational and inspiration ideas to you.

Today is ALL about Rest and Recovery.

Day one and two, the ABSOLUTE HARDEST ARE DONE, BAM, SEE YA LATER, ALL DOWNHILL FROM HERE! You've got this under control. 


Check out today's tips posted to the Facebook group.


Keep the questions coming and pictures posting, I LOVE (and I know others really are appreciative of seeing) what everyone else is doing!


I've posted a couple of questions to your Facebook group page. Take a peek and respond as you have time :)

Today is ALL about Stress Management.



How are you feeling?! Do you feel like you're starting to get the hang of this whole Happy Body lifestyle thing? I promise once you have the foundation you can really maintain a way of life that allows you to eat well, exercise often, reduce your stress routinely and obtain good quality rest always.


Check out the 4th guide sheet attached here and posted to the Facebook group. It's all about those ZZZZZZssss today.


I've posted a couple of questions to your Facebook group page again today. Take a peek and respond as you have time

Today we put it ALL together.

The Happy Body Lifestyle.

Take a minute to imagine that you're running a marathon.

If we compared our reset to the 26.2 mile length of a marathon, we would be 21 miles in with only the final stretch of 5 miles to go.

Its all downhill from here :)

I will wrap up with sharing my thoughts on how to establish a healthy eating lifestyle after the reset. One of the key principles I work with all of my clients on is eating mindfully. I truly believe it is the #1 step to keeping food intake under control and within recommended guidelines.


Below you will find a outline of how to practice Mindful Eating.

The Reintroduction Phase

The Reintroduction Portion of the Happy Body Reset Plan. AFTER* you complete the Happy Body Reset, follow these guidelines.


Putting it all together: Maintaining the Happy Body Lifestyle

Review the last module

Complete Action Items

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Click the image to the left to access workout.

An effective workout routine is one that combines high intensity interval training (HIIT), strength, endurance and stretch work. This type of session can be done indoors, outdoors or on any piece of cardio based gym equipment.

The duration and intensity of your workouts should gradually increase in order to allow you to progress your fitness and weight loss results in a shorter amount of time.

To make this the most comprehensive fitness plan we have included exercise for every day of the week (cardio, strength or recovery).

Be sure to track your progress and you move through the program.

My recommendation would be to print out the workout before hand to avoid getting confused on the exercises mid way (or play the workout video while performing the exercises).

Be sure to track your progress and you move through the program .

We're TURNIN' UP THE HEAT this week. You've got the hang of the strength training so we add on some additional exercises and you're crushing the cardio portion so we increase the time.

Now we're going to target some specifics and add in the BOOTY BLAST and ABS CHALLENGE!

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