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Regarding a class taught at The Hot Yoga Barre:

" BURN is freakin' AMAZING. Bethany is clear and to the point and the intervals used for short relax as well as the learning the next exercise keeps you incredibly focused for the entire 45 minutes. The music was fun and motivating and I really appreciated the countdown whistles. This class is NOT impossible like I had imagined!! You leave feeling super energized and feeling STRONG with that healthy HYB glow! Thanks, babe! " - Margaret A

"Bethany is a tough teacher and she's super energetic and charismatic! I think she is the client's favorite barre instructor" - Cindy W.

"Ah-mazing class! Bethany keeps the work challenging and exciting" - Samantha A.

"Bethany's workouts push you to the limit every time..and her upbeat quirky attitude and high energy playlists are the perfect motivator to keep pushing!" -Meg G

"Bethany is awesome! One of the most challenging and motivating barre classes I've ever had. She's really fun and changes up the exercises so it's a really unique experience." -Stuart G.

"Loved today's class. Might not be able to walk later from the intense workout. Great class that always pushes me to try harder." - Jessica B.

"Absolutely amazing" -Madeline E

"Never miss a class with Bethany. She rocks!" - Sarah K.


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