The 5-day reset
5 days of happy body
nutrition and fitness inspiration 

For  those who want to kick off the holiday season feeling their best

and want to reset the way they think about eating, exercising, recovering and managing stress.

I'm here to make your life healthier & happier.

Created by a staff of highly knowledgeable dietitians and fitness professionals, this reset program provides all the resources that will guarantee the success of  you resetting your system in the most healthy way.









What you'll get:

LaCroix and Strawberries Snack
Oranges Snack
Cocoa Choclate Bites Dessert
Coconut Flour Donut
Cheeries and Cocoa Almonds
Berry sorbet
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Culinary and Recipe Based Menu Plans

For those individuals who enjoy cooking and prefer a variety of healthy options. This culinary and recipe based menu plan provides a detailed breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner menu and all ingredients you need to purchase and those to have on hand!

Simple Meal and Snack Plan

For those that have limited time to prepare foods, don't mind repeat meals, or just want to stick to the basics of eating well. This simple menu plan will guide individuals on how to best pick and pair foods for all meals and snack. 

Grocery List and Healthy Food Guides

A guideline for grocery shopping to steer you in the right direction when choosing which foods to stock your kitchen, pantry, and fridge with throughout the reset.

Wellness Tracking and Goal Assessment Resources

A digital wellness tracking journal template for keeping tabs on your progress of taking in proper nutrition and hydration, energizing fitness, quality rest, and relaxing stress management. This tracker will keep you engaged, motivated and empower you to make healthy decisions even after the program is over.

Daily Guidance of Goals and Healthy Topics to Focus On

We know it's hard to stay on track, and that's why we give you a resource designated to a certain day of the reset to educate, motivate and inspire you through different ways to improve your health and happiness.

Fitness-Focused Resources

Inspirational fitness advice, tips on the best equipment for workouts, the best recovery snacks, the most filling pre-workout snacks, the most hydrating beverages, and most effective exercises to make your workout ROCK!

A Massive Amount of Support and Feedback

I LOVE this part of the reset because everyone really enjoys sharing their feelings, questions, and ideas relating to the reset.

Curious as to what you should be ordering when out to eat- Ask!

Perplexed by 2 different vitamin or protein supplements? I can answer!

Want to know an easy smoothie you can make at the office? I've got your recipe.

Participants are able to encourage and support one another throughout the reset by sharing recipes, meal prep ideas,  meal pictures, inspirational work outs and facilities and SO MUCH MORE!

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"Working with Bethany was awesome- would definitely recommend this!"

- HB Resetter L.P

Richmond, Va


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