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Fitness Friday | Niche Fitness Studio

Hello, Friday - we've missed you! But now that you're here, we'll go ahead and get started on Fitness Friday! Today, we're talking to Jaclyn Forrester owner and trainer at Niche Fitness Studio, a new studio located in the Fan in Richmond. Niche Fitness offers Yoga, Pilates, and Functional Training in both private and small class settings! To learn more about Niche Fitness visit

Photo credit: Niche Fitness Studio

1: Tell us a little about yourself (where your from, how long you've been in RVA, spouse, kids, etc).

One of the first things people ask me when first meeting me is where I'm from, it's not Georgia or Alabama, even though my accent may suggest it. I'm from Radford, Va but have been calling Richmond home since 2006. I live here with my lovely husband, 2 dogs and a cat-- madly in love with all four.

2: Tell us a little bit about your fitness studio/ space/club/ gym.

Niche Fitness Studio is just as the name suggest, we focus on our Niche. While we offer a variety of classes-- pilates reformer, pilates jump board, circuit classes, yoga and TRX classes. All of our classes work with the fundamentals-- proper alignment, form, core engagement and body awareness.

3: What inspired your journey/ career in fitness?

My first job was working the front desk for a chiropractor. I loved seeing people walk out of the office feeling better and I knew my career had to focus on a healthy way to keep people happy, healthy and inspired.

4: Name something about your business that most people don’t know.

We recently got approved to become a full host site for Balanced Body Pilates training. Meaning we'll have the ability to teach instructors mat work, reformer, Cadillac, chair and barrel.

5: What does the customer get when using your services?

A personalized experience. Our group classes are small, 4- 8 participants max. We are dedicated to making sure our clients work hard and see results but we want to be 100% sure they are working, safely and with proper form.

6: Describe a typical day working at your studio/ space/ club/ gym. What's the vibe? (Mellow, Energetic, Relaxing, Intense...)

Our space is calming, soothing to the nervous system. The studio is flooded with natural light, calming colors, plants, fresh flowers, a fresh pot of coffee and tea are always available. Our studio is a space for clients to be social, encourage each other and hang out after a tough class.

7: The workout has just finished, where do most of your clients head? (Juice bar around the corner, a local restaurant, brewery, Ellwoods, a health foods store or coffee shop,etc...THINK LOCAL)

Lamplighter, Ellwoods, Nettie's, North End Juice Co, Maple and Pine, Sen, Fresca

8: What is the quote that best describes your studio/ space/ club/ gym?

"Can I stay after class and take a nap here?"

9: What is the best word that describes your team?

Only one?! Inspiring

10: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy your space/ team/ members?

Oh man! I love our space, I'd deck it out with more equipment spend the majority of the money on education of the team. What they give and the knowledge share with the participants and the community is truly a gift!

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