Shopping At The Salad Bar. 5 containers, 10 meals, done.

So you want to eat balanced meals but have no time to prep or cook?

No problem! With this super simple salad bar meal plan, you'll have a week's worth of lunches and dinners covered in 1 shopping trip to the salad bar!

I planned the meals based on the various foods shelf life in the fridge (i.e. fish at the beginning of the week b/c it doesn't last as long, and chicken towards the end b/c it last longer).

Here's the shopping list you'll need for your trip to the salad bar.

1 large large container:

2 large pieces of white fish

1 large piece of salmon

10 medium shrimp

1 large large container:

1.5 cups of ground turkey meat

2 large chicken breasts (1 grilled and sliced if possible and 1 baked)

3 pieces (a dinner-size portion for one) of sliced pork tenderloin

1 large large container:

1 large piece of quiche or 4 hard boiled eggs

1 large slice of pizza

1 large large container:

1 large container (4 servings) of mixed greens, dark leafy greens salad

4 scoops of vegetable sides (ex. 1 scoop broccoli salad, 1 scoop roasted veggies, 1 scoop mashed sweet potatoes, etc.)

1 large large container:

1 scoop of farro (or a whole grain) side

2 scoops of rice (or a whole grain) side

2 scoop of quinoa (or a whole grain) side

1 scoop of whole wheat pasta


4 whole grain tortillas

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