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Fitness Friday | TURN Cardio Jam Studio

Fridays never get old - and neither does shining the light on an awesome local studio for Fitness Fridays!! We're pulling up with Sandi Cauley of TURN Cardio Jam Studio this week. Check out how TURN got named (hint: a popular t.v. show!) and how it's spicing up the RVA fitness scene! To learn more about TURN Cardio Jam Studio, head over to

1: Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm Sandi Cauley, originally from south Texas, or Portland, Texas to be more precise. I've been in RVA since December 2001, after relocating for a job in TV news. I'm married and have three boys.

2: Tell us a little bit about your fitness studio.

I own Turn Cardio Jam Studio: a boutique studio specializing in rare & unique group fitness and dance classes

3: What inspired your journey/ career in fitness?

I was an active child who danced and played sports and that just carried on into adulthood. I found fitness was my detox from work/life stress and was my social scene.

4: Name something about your business that most people don’t know.

I was searching for a one-word name that could apply to both dance and fitness and could have other meanings. I was watching AMC's the Walking Dead and they kept talking about the dead "turning" and then they showed an add for TURN the Washington spy series - and I was like, that's it... TURN!!

5: What does the customer get when using your services?

They get a great workout, they get a community of support eager to get to know them and they get access to our events.

6: Describe a typical day working at your studio. What's the vibe?

Turn is absolutely one of the friendliest fitness studios in town, if not THE friendliest. Everyone is there ready to workout but be social, supportive and have a good time.

7: The workout has just finished, where do most of your clients head?

If it's AM, most are heading over to Urban Farmhouse. If it's PM, we're going to one of the nearby breweries like Isley, Ardent or Veil and if we're really hungry, we're probably getting brussel sprouts at Lunch/Supper.

8: What is the quote that best describes your studio/ space/ club/ gym?

Turn is Richmond's friendliest fitness studio.

9: What is the best word that describes your team.


10: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy your space/ team/ members?

I would take them and their partners on a fabulous vacation/trip and give them significant raises!

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