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Get your fiber fodder on girlfriends

Get your fiber fodder on!

Hey babes, Wanted to check-in to see if you're new healthy eating pattern includes enough fiber? and yes, there's a fine line between eating too little and each too much (#constantgasleak).

Ways to make sure you've got your Fiber Fodder on lock.

1) e*****, I know you'll be psyched to hear this one:

Eating fiber can decrease and control your weight.

The more fiber= the more fuller you'll feel on less food.

Less food = Fewer calories consumed per meal.

Fewer calories = decrease in weight.

(That fiber is your digestion slowing and thus lengthening the time you can go before feeling hungry again!)

2) Eating enough fiber will clean out your system and prevent constipation. It acts like a sponge as it moves through your digestive system soaking up salt, cholesterol, fat and sugar. Once that sponge is full it really triggers your bowels to pump it out and there it goes into the toilet (sorry for the visual- blah!)

How do you get more fiber? Well, good news for you all- the more nutrient dense foods (like the ones your eating on your new Happy Body Lifestyle plan)

I know you use those tracking apps so at the end of the day check to make sure you've gotten between 35-45 grams.

Ok, now go get your fiber fodder on, but spare me the details :)

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