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I've lost a lot of weight quickly- how will my metabolism respond? Is eating the same thing bad?

Day 1

On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 9:06 AM, Bethany Watkins <> wrote:

Morning ****!!!,

Ok, you're definitely at a place for weight maintenance right now!

You dropped weight SUPER fast last week which is both a good and bad thing.

It's good because your weight is down and you're at a lower starting weight to reach your goal weight this week.

The bad part is your body thinks that its in a calorie restriction/starvation state so it's going to slow it's metabolism down to not burn off fuel so fast.

When you start to lose weight, your body's metabolic alarm goes off. It alerts your body--which strives for equilibrium (that *** pounds it was used to weighing for a longer period of time) --that you are not eating as much as usual. In turn, your body demands more food and your metabolism slows to not burn off fuel as quickly. It's a survival mechanism, built in eons ago, and not easily reprogram.

I want you to AVOID the Yo-Yo weight cycling, so just concentrate on the Happy Body Lifestyle and maintain your lower set-point weight and allow your body to adjust slowly.

Happy Body Babe RESPONSE:

Hmmm...I am confused on how the body works. What can I do to increase my metabolism while trying to lose the weight? I know when I workout I should eat more since I am burning more calories, but on the days that I cannot get to the gym I think I shouldn't eat as much.

I know I will eat the same thing all week for breakfast and lunch - my shake in the AM, RX bar for a snack and my salad with chicken for lunch. Dinner it will be a combo of swordfish, meatloaf and then whatever Gradmom is cooking tomorrow night. Probably eating the same thing each week isnt the best either?

My Happy Body Response:

No no, it's fine to eat the same thing throughout the week as long as you're getting enough of your body's essential nutrients (i.e. protein).

As far as weightloss- No, at this point in your healthy weight loss journey you do not need to eat significantly more just because you're exercising more. Stick with roughly the same amount that you eat on non-active days and that way you'll create a greater calorie deficit and that will help with weight loss.

Also, continue with your TRX and strength/weight training so your resting metabolic rate continues to increase. That'll help to combat the decreased metabolism effects of weight loss.



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