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O’MY Gelato

Dessert, Dessert, Dessert!!

Everyone seems to feel guilty about it and tries to avoid "fessing-up" to consuming it during a nutrition session but is dessert really that bad?

Absolutely not!!

Here at Happy Body Wellness we not only LOVE dessert but we actually encourage clients to “Eat the Damn Cookie” and not fall victim to the diet mentality of restriction and avoidance. And because we can 'have our cake and eat it too' we JUMPED at the opportunity to taste test and review a new sweet treat we were recently introduced to

O'MY! Dairy-Free Gelato!

This amazing vegan gelato is so flavorful and rich that you would never expect it's made of ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NO MILK PRODUCTS!!! If the creamy texture and plethora of flavors are enough of a reason to try this delightful dessert here are just a couple (or more) reasons more:

  • They have just few ingredient, definitely no more than 8

  • They have low sugar options

  • They are the most allergy friendly product you will find, free of soy, dairy, animal products, and gluten.

  • They are free from artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners

  • They are made with only natural ingredient that you can recognize and pronounce

For those who are still not convinced and need an extra push check out their serious spread of Creamy and Uncompromising flavors:

These gelatos are definitely an amazing OMG experience. Try them and tell us which one was your absolute FAVE. Ours was: COFFE CHIP and MINT CHIP- YUMMMMM!.

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