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Fitness Friday | Lindsey Patton

Hey, Happy Bodies! Welcome back to Fitness Friday! This week we're shining the light on the small, but mighty Lindsey Patton of Humble Haven Yoga! Humble Haven Yoga is a hot yoga studio located downtown in RVA that believes yoga is for every body. They have a variety of classes for any yogi and even host...wait for it... yoga with dogs + cats!! To learn more about Humble Haven Yoga visit

1: What brought you to Richmond?

My friends and family!

2: When did you join studio and why?

I was practicing yoga in Charlotte and was super fortunate to find an awesome studio in Richmond that enabled me to focus on my love for inversions and arm balances.

3: Why do you exercise?

Exercise is in an integral part of my life. I don't feel like myself unless I'm exercising!

4: What type of music you like most?

Classic rock and 90's rap.

5: What’s your favorite “healthy” food, store or restaurant to go to in RVA?

Hands down - Ellwood Thompson's. I have to get their sushi at least 3 times a week.

6: It's the weekend in RVA; where can we find you?

On Monument Ave for a morning run, followed by brunch at Millie's, then relaxing on the James River.

7: What inspired you to become an instructor?

My love for yoga and human connection, combined with my desire to inspire.

8: In the morning you can’t live without…

A cup of coffee and a solid arm balance!

9: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

An island in the Caribbean.

10: What is your favorite go-to exercise and favorite brand of workout gear?

Rocket yoga and Prism Sport are my go-tos.

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