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I think about my girlfriends often. Here's a sample of the quick thoughts I email to them.

  • We never reward ourselves for adopting healthier behaviors. Instead we focus so much on the "I didn't lose anything this week". I'd love for you to start switching your mindset to focus on the "WHERE I WANT TO BE" instead of the "I'm so unhappy with where I am right now".

  • PLEASE, when you have a chance- write on a post-it note (or a couple) the vision you have for yourself.

  • Place them 1) on bathroom mirror, 2) on refrigerator, 3) in car.

  • Focus on the right behaviors and the right outcomes will come!!! (I.E. Stick with your healthy eating pattern, limit the sweets, sodas, crap food, and start exercising).

  • While I am NOT A FAN of telling clients to weigh themselves everyday, I realized from a podcast I recently listened to that it is a good idea for the following reasons:

  • Weighing-in first thing in the morning serves as a ritual, a reminder and a commitment to stick to the healthy behaviors throughout the day.

  • I don't want you to look at the number and obsess over it, instead I want you to text me it and I will work on your week weight trends and averages!

  • LASTLY and MOST IMPORTANTLY: It takes 10 days to see and feel your body physically change. Do not expect the magic of eating healthy and exercising for 5 days to show astonishing results. COMMIT and STAY FOCUSED ON THE END GOAL- not obsessed and crazy


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