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My Healthy Super Bowl Day Game Plan


Wake Up, stick to my usual weekend routine ad get a long run or at least 1 hour of exercises in!

Post- workout I'm fixing a protein recovery shake with:

- 1/2 frozen banana

- 1.5 c unsweetened nut milk

- 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder

- 1 tbsp flaxmeal

-1 tbsp chia

- couple handfuls of ice

Late Morning

I'm at the store buying ingredients for my healthy super bowl snack spread and for Monday Night's crock pot dinner.

My plan is to make:

1) Grilled or baked boneless skinless chicken tenders with a spicy dipping sauce

2) Fruit kebabs

3) A black bean or maybe edamame hummus served with carrots, snap peas, jicama, cucumbers, and radishes.

4) If i'm feeling like I need a sweet something I'll grab the ingredients for sweet potato brownies!

**Monday's crock pot dinner: chili


I know I'm snacking on chicken for tonight's dinner so for lunch I'm going to have a HUGE salad with nuts, seeds, and probably a piece of fish on top + sparkling water for hydration.

Spend the afternoon organizing my week, probably lying out clothes, packing my lunch and putting a meal in the crock pot for Monday night's dinner b/c when we get home from Super Bowl all I'm going to want to do is FALL INTO BED and on Monday after work I'm going to be exhausted from the night before

Late afternoon:

It's almost time to start making snacks but I'm a little hungry so I'm going to have a protein packed Greek yogurt with berries on top.

After my snack: start baking, mixing, ke-babing!!!!!!!!!!

Early Evening:

Pack up snacks and head to friend's house.

The routine at my friends house


I want to fuel my body with foods that actually contribute some nutritional benefits so I'm going to snack on the food I brought and try to steer clear of the chips, dips, fried wings, and sweets UNTIL**** I've fueled myself properly.

After I've had some grilled chicken, veggies and fruit, then if I'm still hungry I'll have a SMALL TASTING SAMPLE of a few different appetizers brought. If something was absolutely TO DIE FOR then I'll put that on a separate plate for portion control and have that as my selected game day snack-I wont just BINGE MINDLESSLY for hours on junk.

I'm going to have some alcoholic beverages throughout the night but I'm also going to keep some La Croix or a big bottle of sparkling water with me and I'll finish that by the end of the evening.

My Healthy Super Bowl Day Game Plan,




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