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Fitness Friday: Instructor Spotlight

HBW Fitness Friday Instructor Spotlight

Marge Allen

Becoming an Instructor

What brought you to Richmond?

I hadn't independently settled down after I completed my schools, and my sister just had her first child here so my parents moved back here (originally from Richmond) from northern VA. I figured it was a good time to settle down and be near family.

When did you join your studio and why?

I came to The Hot Yoga Barre as soon as I got into Richmond toward the end of August. I had heard great things about it, and as a recently trained yoga instructor, I was eager for a job!

Why do you exercise?

I exercise because my body wants to move with itself. I've always been a mover - be it gymnastics, diving, dance, circus, yoga ... I enjoy pushing my boundaries to find new possibilities and challenges in strength and flexibility. I am an innate performer so I always seek to impress myself and others, but yoga has helped me find humility and the desire to inspire!

What is your favorite format that you teach?

I love teaching Power Vinyasa yoga! I was a student of the style for over a year before I got certified, and the flow makes a lot of sense in my body so I feel that helps me convey it to my students. I also love leading contemporary dance classes with some circus-inspired acrobatic strength and flexibility training. And preschool ballet!!

10 Random Questions for Marge

What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone?

Their energy, humor, and if they seem comfortable.

Type of music you like most?

I have the funkiest palette of music; I listen to a lot of Spanish rap, Die Antwoord, Lady Gaga, and I love my smooth voiced electronic men. But put on country and enjoy watching my ears bleed.

What’s your favorite “healthy” food, store or restaurant to go to?

Hmmm... Ellwood Thompson's is nice to walk through and dream about... Otherwise, Chez Allen - going to my parents' place for my dad's perfect home cooking.

What do you like to do on weekends?

You can find me on my red couch watching Netflix or taking long walks exploring Old Manchester.

What/Who ​Inspires You?

I am mostly inspired by my European circus friends. Their grit, grind, fervor, and raw sweaty beauty is something to be treasured. I strive to emulate and carry that passion with me in whatever I approach.

In the morning you can’t live without… A big mug of coffee, always.

Favorite place to go in Richmond?

I went to school at VCU for dance, so I enjoy the scene right by the Grace St Theater - Edo's Squid, Ipanema, and The Village! May the Crossroads coffee house on Morris rest in peace.

If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

Tickets to travel the world time and time over.

What is your go-to favorite exercise?

I am known to put up a handstand while I wait for my microwave to beep. When in doubt, go upside down.

What is your favorite brand or favorite workout gear?

I really like my Fabletics, Lululemon, Alo, and Rebel Affair leggings. I am very fortunate to have received plenty of nice hand me downs, otherwise it's Target brand for me!

Hope you enjoyed the first ever, Fitness Friday Instructor Spotlight on Marge Allen. Instructors work really hard to train and plan their classes as well as inspire and motivate those they are teachining; if you'd like to try one of Marge's classes check of the schedule at The Hot Yoga Barre in Willow Lawn!


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