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10 Tips To Help You Stick to Your New Years Resolution

It's that time again and many of us, with hopeful, excited and some desperation, have chosen a New Year’s Resolution that will lead our lives onto a healthier, happier track!

Below are 10 tips that will help you to choose, stick to and ultimately fulfill your New Year's Resolution!

1) Join a challenge; Join the Happy Body Challenge and use the month of January to become the healthiest, happiest you! Joining a challenge is beneficial because you’ll learn great new tips for eating, exercising and a variety of tools to keep you motivated towards your goals, your human and people are competitive thus holding you accountable, you’ll be more likely to stick to goals and thus you’re small changes will become habit forming, you’ll have a chance to win fun prizes (some valued up to 250$), and ultimately you’ll become a healthier and happier person!

2) Give it time; Olympic athletes don't just decide to be great, workout for a week and perfect the sport. If you've decided on a New Year’s Resolution then you've already taken the first step of acknowledging that you need a change- that alone should be celebrated. The next thing to do is hold onto that willpower and work at your own pace. Whether it's working out more, meditating more, or being a more conscious, mindful eater give yourself some time to adapt to the new lifestyle and don't beat yourself up when you get off track.

3) Make one change at a time; riding on the coattails of the "willpower" comment above, don't spread your willpower too thin. Choose one change that you feel is most important to make, work towards it, celebrate when you make it and move on to your next resolution.

4) Break it up; Choose resolutions, or tweak the one that you have made so that you’re working towards a behavioral change instead of just cramming "10 pounds of weight loss" or "absolutely no sweets or soda" into the first 2 weeks of January.

5) Get Happy; whenever you feel that your spirits are starting to sink related to not fulfilling your resolutions in totality, do something fun for yourself! Whether it’s watching a funny movie, get a group of close friends together, start a project or hobby with your family, go to your favorite place and reset.

6) Do not give up; outwit your inner rebel and remind yourself every time you are about to give up of everything you have accomplished. Don't eat yourself up because you "still need to lose the baby weight" or "overindulged in the leftover holiday chocolate chip cookies". If you fall off the horse, sit on the ground for a minute, make sure you haven't broken anything-especially your willpower- stand up, and hop back on top of that goal!

7) Be extra Nice; Do unto others, and you'll be doing unto yourself as well. You'd be surprised at how good helping others will make you feel and when you feel good you’re more likely to keep the positivity rolling through your own life!

8) Use your senses; keep pictures and products that relate to your resolutions out in open sight around the house. Whether its healthy foods that emit a delicious smell and sight or fun fitness wear or products that remind you of how good it feels to get in that activity all things that will perk up your senses will serve as healthy reminders to keep you on track!

9) Make a run for it; just when you’re about to break down, leave it all behind for a healthy reset. Stress will wear a person down as well as being tired and hungry so give your body only what it needs to be healthy, not overworking or depriving yourself and step away from your resolution for a day or two before coming back to it revitalized and ready to take it back on!

10) Write your ticket for success; write your goals down on a piece of paper and post them in a place that you will frequently see! People who are reminded of their goals constantly are significantly more likely to achieve them than are those who merely take a mental note.

Let's Do This Together:

Whether it's nutrition counseling that you need or a challenge to join, Happy Body Wellness can help you get HAPPY & HEALTHY!

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