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Whew, another is almost week down and Fitness Friday is here! This week, we're shining the light on the vivacious Tessa McKenzie of BOHO Cycle! BOHO Cycle is a cycle studio located in the Museum District that focuses on great rides and active, healthy lifestyles in RVA. For more information about BOHO Cycle and to grab a ride with Tessa visit

Photo credit: Caroline Simmons @BOHO Cycle

1: What brought you to Richmond?

My sister Thea. She sold me and I've been in love ever since.

2: When did you join (your gym/ studio/ group fitness center) and why?

I joined the BOHO Cycle family back in 2013, and now we're havin a baby! Yep, a Churchill studio is opening up in July 2017! I teach at BOHO because it doesn't have that gym vibe to it. It's more than a workout -it's a community, a movement, and definitely a party on a bike. Fun is part of the recipe and the reason I'm totally hooked.

3: Why do you exercise (for fun/ group activity/ inspiration/ to look good/ to feel good)

I exercise to be a better me- mentally, physically, spiritually. All that and no regrets.

4: What type of music you like most?

Smooth, big beats that move ya. Phantogram, Washed Out, Drake, The Weeknd, James Blake, LCD Soundsystem.

5: What’s your favorite “healthy” food?

Figs. My spirit fruit.

6: It's the weekend in RVA; where can we find you?

Front porch with with my beau playing backgammon with some vino and the pup.

7: What inspired you to become an instructor?

I think I started teaching because i liked the loud and intense music in classes. It got inside of me and moved me. Being a spin instructor can feel like being a DJ in a nightclub. We get to drive the party and feel that infectious energy fill the room. It's magical!

8: In the morning you can’t live without…

Every morning includes two warm hardboiled eggs. They've gotta be warm and sprinkled with lots of pepper. Fuels me perfectly.

9: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

If I were going with the spoiled brat option, a historical villa with an infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

10: What is your favorite go-to exercise?

My go-to is trail running with my pup. It satisfies my soul on many levels.

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