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Making Use of Leftovers

How many time do you open the fridge and stare a 1/2 eaten sandwich, 1/4 of an omelette, handful of sweet potato fries, scoop of chocolate lava cake or piece of chicken strips?

We bring leftovers home with great intentions but many time we just end up bringing them home to throw away 4 days after we haven't really felt like eating them again.


Put my {dinner leftovers} to good use for lunch today 🍴 👉🏻used the @dailykitchenbar golden beet + arugula salad as a topping for my fig, 🥓 @stonefirenaan flatbread. • Fig spread =homemade {pour boiling water over a few figs and allow them to soak for 10 mins. Then all you have to do is @vitamix blend them for a perfectly smooth spread.}

This is a great article on reusing left overs:

with the gist being:

Use that leftover chicken strip as a salad topping, sandwich or wrap filling, addition to a breakfast omelette, in a soup, or on its own for a snack!

Plan a night for leftovers- mix and match all the combinations to get a flavor explosion!

Toast "stale bread" for breadcrumbs- don't just throw away that leftover sandwich bun.

Take your salad and place it atop a yummy naan or flatbread for a tasty pizza!

Check out the article for more ideas and start thinking outside of the box!

Less waste, more money saved, more recycling and reusing.

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