ALDI- WELCOME TO RVA. You NEED to check it out.

I have been hearing about ALDI on the radio and through friends for the past few months so today I decided to check it out and am SO GLAD I DID.

First off, when you walk up and go to get a cart, you have to deposit a quarter into the cart which releases the chain holding it to the other line of carts. At the end of your trip, when you return the cart to the "cart holding gate", you hook it back up and VOILA! your quarter is released back to you! GENIUS (NO CRAZY RUN-A-WAY CARTS in the parking lot).

Then, it's time to shop! If you're into organic (Simply Nature is their brand), fair trade, need to buy Gluten Free, or are into great deals then check out the prices on some of the items below, it truly BLEW me away and I will be shopping there much more often!

The total trip cost me $126.00 and purchase 60 items (average item cost ~ $2.00) The FULL list of items I purchased can be found at the end of this post.

At the end of your shopping adventure, you'll check out, bag your own groceries and be on your merry way!


3lb organic gala apples: 3.99

Brussel sprouts: 2.99

Baby carrots 1lb bag: 0.99

Avocados: .99

Zucchini (3 pack): 1.59

Cucumbers: 0.59

Bag of Spinach: 1.49

Unsalted can of corn: 0.49

Spanish olives: 1.19

Huge Can no salt added tomatoes: 0.99

Huge can no sugar added pineapple chuncks: 0.99

Produce (KIND OF)

Pumpkin pie puree: 0.89

Dried apricots: 2.89

Dried fruit medlet: 1.49