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HBW Fitness Friday Instructor Spotlight

HBW Fitness Friday Instructor Spotlight

Jeanette Stoneman

This Friday we shine the spotlight on, Jeanette Stoneman, an instructor that may be small in size but packs a SERIOUS jab, punch and roundhouse kick throughout her BODY COMBAT and GRIT series classes!!

Becoming an Instructor

1. What brought you to Richmond? Before I moved to Virginia I had lived in Germany for 6 years. My father was in the military and retired shortly after being stationed at Ft. Lee. I then moved to the West End and have been here ever since!

2. When did you join your gym and why? I have always been super active. I love working out and really started focusing on group fitness at Gold’s Gym. I realized after having my second child that I truly needed to carve some time out for myself and so I chose the gym and yoga for my “me” time. I fell in love with the Les Mill’s program called BODY COMBAT and knew that I had to teach and from there my passion of being an instructor was born.

3. Why do you exercise? I love to exercise for so many reasons! It’s a stress reliever, it makes me feel good, I get to meet some great people that are so inspirational, and it makes me feel healthy.

4. What is your favorite format that you teach? I love to teach BODY COMBAT. This class is a mixed martial arts class where we incorporate a variety of techniques such as punching, jabbing, kicking, and roll it into a cardio workout. You truly can unleash your inner warrior in this class and that’s why I love to teach it! Plus, the members bring some amazing energy!

Getting to know Jeanette

1. What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone?

1. Compassion 2. Funny 3. Positive Energy

2. Type of music you like most? I seriously love almost all types of music and it really depends on my mood. If I’m teaching a class I love to work out to electronic music with an upbeat feel, if I’m running outside I have to listen to hip hop, and when I’m in the car with the kiddos we are belting out pop tunes.

3. What’s your favorite “healthy” food, store or restaurant to go to? I shop at a variety of places for groceries. I go to Whole Foods to get all my meats. Kroger has a great organic section that is affordable for feeding my family 6. I try to hit up the local farmer markets for seasonal produce and other goodies that our family enjoys. When I’m buying bulk I tend to go to Costco! I’ve been obsessed with Zoey’s Kitchen right now and the new Korean place on Cary called Zzaam.

4. What do you like to do on weekends? We love trying local restaurants and having family time.

5. What/Who ​Inspires You? There are lots of people that inspire me. I gravitate towards people that have a positive outlook on life so I try to surround myself with people that make me a better person.

6. In the morning you can’t live without…my chocolate Arbonne vegan protein shake. My day does not feel complete if I don’t have it.

7. Favorite place to go in Richmond? When Tyler and I can get out of the house we love to go to The Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing becauase the view of the city sky line is gorgeous!

8. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? I would take my family on a vacation that would take us all over the world. I would love to immerse

my children in as many cultures as possible so that they have a better understanding of our world and the people that live on it.

9. What is your go-to favorite exercise? There are way too many! I love burpees, planks, squats and uppercuts/jabbing. Burpees are great for getting your heart rate up and working your core. Squats give you the burn but great for your butt and quads. Uppercuts and Jabs really help tone your arms, shoulders, and great for abs.

10. What is your favorite brand or favorite workout gear? I love my lululemon! They have the cutest tops and leggings and their gear is so durable and last forever!

You can find Jeanette kickin' and grittin' at:

Gold’s Gym Swift Creek on Monday’s 9:30 (Combat) and at noon Laburnum (Grit)

Wednesday’s (combat) at ACAC Midlothian

Saturday (grit) 9:00 am Gold’s Gym Fan and 9:30 Combat

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