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HBW Fitness Friday Instructor Spotlight

HBW Fitness Friday Instructor Spotlight

Katie Ledesma

This Friday we shine the spotlight on, Katie Ledesma, a true athlete that swims, runs, bikes, teaches awesome fitness classes and provides superb personal training!

Becoming an Instructor

1. What brought you to Richmond? We moved here for my husbands job- we had just gotten married and we're living in Maryland where we both grew up and wanted start our life together somewhere new. He got a good opportunity here in RVA so here we are! 5 years later and I love it here!

2. When did you join your gym and why? The first gym I joined here in Richmond was Golds Gym- I was training for my first half marathon and doing all my running with my son in the jogging stroller. We had a particularly rainy week where I couldn't do any running and I was like- I need a treadmill and childcare!

3. Why do you exercise? The endorphins!! Nothing beats the feeling after a good workout. Also the sense of accomplishment you feel when you push yourself to work hard and achieve things you couldn't do before. (And of course, to eat! My husband is a chef so I HAVE to exercise so I can enjoy his talents 😀)

4. What is your favorite format that you teach? Cycle- I teach freestyle cycle and Les Mills RPM and SPRINT. RPM is my favorite though, it's what first inspired me to want to be an instructor.

Getting to know Katie

1. What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone?

I love people who are outgoing- I'm naturally an introvert so those outgoing personality's always help draw me out a little. I feel like I'm am drawn to people who are friendly and talkative and just have a general passion for life!

2. Type of music you like most? I like it all- anything with a good beat especially when I'm working out. But if you get in my car you'll usually find a country station on the radio.

3. What’s your favorite “healthy” food, store or restaurant to go to? Hmmm, i don't really get to go out to eat much with a 4 year old (and I work in a restaurant part-time) but when I do it's usually East Coast Provisions or En Su Boca. I like to make all different kinds of giant salads at home with as many ingredients as I can find in my fridge.

4. What do you like to do on weekends? Hang out with my husband and son- find new things to do in Richmond. I feel like this is such a great city to always find new outdoor places to go explore and there's always some kind of festival or event going on on the weekends. But always after my Sunday morning long run- Sunday's are always for running!

5. What/Who ​Inspires You? The people that come to my classes-I feed off of their energy, I love seeing the improvements when people comeback week after week and work hard and get better.

6. In the morning you can’t live without…Coffee. DUHH.

7. Favorite place to go in Richmond? Right now, the pool. We just joined our neighborhood pool (Ginter Park!) and so far this summer my son and I pretty much live there.

8. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? I'd go on a REALLY nice vacation for a while, then I would buy my husband a restaurant and myself a cycle studio.

9. What is your go-to favorite exercise? Running. I love the quiet time- to just zone out and go.

10. What is your favorite brand or favorite workout gear? I'm not picky- anything comfortable. At the moment Reebok, it's affordable and cute and they make my favorite running shorts!

You can find Katie all over the place throughout the week:

Monday's 9:30am Golds willow Lawn- SPRINT

Tuesday's 7:00am Styles Group Fitness

5:30pm Gold's Mechanicsville-SPRINT

Wednesday 9:30am Golds willow lawn- SPRINT

Thursday's 9:30am Golds willow lawn- RPM

Friday's 10am Golds laburnum- SPRINT

12:15 JCC- Cycle

(And hopefully you'll be seeing me soon at The Hot Yoga Barre teaching BURN on occasion!)

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