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HBW Fitness Friday Instructor Spotlight

HBW Fitness Friday Instructor Spotlight

Missy Mauck

This Friday we shine the spotlight on, Missy Mauck a super fit, fun and hip mom that can teach it all whether it's on land or in the water!

Becoming an Instructor

1. What brought you to Richmond? I am born and raised in is my husband of 23 years

2. When did you join your gym and why? I started teaching at CCV when I was between "real" jobs in 1995.....I stopped for a period of time when I was working full time but returned in 2000 when I fully retired from the world of finance after the birth of my second child.

3. Why do you exercise? I started teaching classes when I was in college because I didn't like how some instructors taught and I wanted a more challenging workout. I also was a poor college student and could not afford to pay for classes anywhere so I figured that getting paid to exercise was the best alternative!

4. What is your favorite format that you teach? Deep water classes in the summer - love being outside... and also boot camp - again outside in all the elements!

Getting to know Missy

1. What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone?

Humor, brutal honesty, and kindness

2. Type of music you like most? Anything that I know the words and can sing to - even though I have a terrible voice.....cheesy music from the 1970's and 1980's as well as current radio hits

3. What’s your favorite “healthy” food, store or restaurant to go to? I really do not eat out since my full time job is as a caterer.....there is an abundance of food at my house all of the time and I am constantly testing things on my spoiled family and neighbors

4. What do you like to do on weekends? Play tennis, escape to our river house in Gloucester

5. What/Who ​Inspires You? Anyone over the age of 50 working hard to stay healthy and trying to challenge their body!

6. In the morning you can’t live without…walking my dogs - a yellow lab named Jessie and a black lab named Daisy - first thing out of bed - no matter what the season or weather - fresh air and get the blood moving....we usually go 2 miles or so...

7. Favorite place to go in Richmond? Any friends house - especially if they will cook a meal for me!!

8. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy? First - a new car - my klunker now has over 200,000 miles on it!!! Then I would transform my garage to a catering kitchen so that I could get my whole home catering business out of my family kitchen

9. What is your go-to favorite exercise? Walk the dogs

10. What is your favorite brand or favorite workout gear? Athleta and Old Navy

You can find Missy teaching at:

CCV - teaching water classes in the summer and in the winter teaching boot camp, total body conditioning (tbc), cardio tbc, and any class you can blast the music and sing (no teaching yoga, pilates, etc for me - too quiet!!!!)

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