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Happy Bachelorette EM! Cheers to lookin' and feelin' FAB on the slopes!

The star of the show!

Hey babes, Happy Fri-YAY

So this Bachelorette weekend is going to effing BONKERS for you all :)

Here's my Happy Body advice on how to be lookin' and feelin' FLY the whole time your partying your asses off.

First off: The BEST BOOZING strategy: For EVERY alcoholic beverage you consume, FOLLOW IT WITH a hydrating club soda with lime OR regular water.

Secondly: Do the best when you can and try to stick to a routine (I know its hard when you're up half the night)

Since you'll be stuffing yourselves with not-so-nutritious (but yummy) snacks, food and booze all weekend, you'll want to take advantage of the time you DO have to be healthy!

Like, breakfast! Try to pack it with fruits and vegetables (bonus! fiber) and at least 30g of protein.

With breakfast- HYDRATE- at least 24 oz!!! Have a pitcher of water in the fridge with fruit soaking in it overnight. Buy some sparkling or club sodas, or SUPER low sugar electrolyte drinks.

Good ideas for easy breakfasts:

Protein fruit smoothies with added flaxmeal.

Egg with fruit and whole grain toast

Smoothie- berry bowls

Apple topped with peanut butter + Greek yogurt

Mixed fruit bowl topped with Greek yogurt

Lunch: Do your best to find a lean protein + whole grain + fruit or veggies. A light salad with grilled protein will keep you feeling full but LIGHT and therefore LIGHTENING FAST ON THE SLOPES!!!!

Pre-dinner, happy hour snacks: Grab the healthy snack right before the not so healthy chips and dip (lunsalted mixed nuts, yogurt, fruit, low sugar granola bar, veggies and hummus, whole grain tortilla with peanut butter).

DRINK 20 oz. of H20 before your FIRST happy hour cocktail!

DINNER and night out: #EatTheDamnCookie (just remember the booze rule).

I LOVE YOU GIRLS SO MUCH- YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE ONE HELLUVA TIME. Hope to Facetime you at some point to see the shenanigans!!! SKI YOUR TUSHIES OFF!!!

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