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A Happy Body Fri-yay! Sticking with your Happy Body Lifestyle goals (even on the weekends)

Alrighty happy body babes- you made it through the week and you've done incredible!!!

Your check-in emails back to me this morning expressed concerns about sticking with your happy body lifestyle on weekends and not blowing all your heard work from the week before.

I'll work with you every week to give you more and more ideas on how to avoid the unhealthy weekend trap.

Here's the Fri-YAY scenario and how to deal with it:

FRIDAY: Yea, happy freaking FRI-YAY.

Not so Happy Body Brain

"I can't wait to kick off my shoes, head to happy hour, finish off as many drinks as I can before the specials are over, then grab a giant pizza and finish up a bottle of red wine

Happy Body Brain

"I'm super tired, a bit cranky and ready to down some wine but I haven't worked out so I'm going to try to get in at least 20 minutes of cardio or strength training. I know that after I exercise my serotonin levels (the hormone associated with mood) will be boosted and I'll be a much more pleasant person to be around".

After I shower up and decide to join friends, happy hour may be ending or over and thus I'll only have a glass of red wine, sparkling, or club soda, vodka and lime. Once I've had a drink, I know I'll be ready to crush those chips and dip brought by the waiter so instead I'm going to order a small house salad to snack on.

One drink down and I'm heading home :) Because I didn't over-indulge and had a salad full of fiber, I'm not starving and my blood sugar is stable (alcohol intake can interfere with the liver’s production of glucose and may cause hypoglycemia – or low blood sugar).

I feel calm from 1 drink and now I don't feel the need to consume that entire bottle of red in the wine holder. Instead I pour a glass of sparkling water, and put my dinner (that I already planned out) into the oven/ on the table and don't have to rely on the Friday night pizza delivery guy to feed me tonight!

After dinner I relax and #EatTheDamnCookie

Time for bed and happy hour pizza, wine, beer, dessert binge crisis averted!

I love you ladies! Happy weekend- enjoy the surprise parties and date nights.

Looking forward to hearing how that steak, carrots, asparagus dinner it tonight Winds

<3, Beth​

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