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You Should Be Naked More Often: Here's WHY.

How many times this summer have you wished you could just strip down? Well, turns out - YOU SHOULD. Not only is being in your birthday suit more comfortable - it's healthier too! Check out these 5 reason why you should strip down more often!

1. To boost your mood.

Summer = sunshine.

Sunshine = Vitamin D.

Vitamin D= Super great mood boosting effects!

Sneak out onto the back deck and try to soak up about 10-15 minutes of early morning rays before your neighbors come out to enjoy their morning coffee ;) (To avoid sun damage, limit exposure to less than 20 minutes).

2. To let skin breathe.

Yoga pants/ athleisure wear is a great look but not allowing your skin to breathe can be harmful if the toxins you sweat out are reabsorbed. Not to mention, all that sweat can harvest bacteria and fungi leading to some seriously icky skin infections. Be sure to change promptly after that sweat sesh.

3. To restore circulation.

So those tight red marks left behind from the seams in your compression shorts or sports bra are there for a reason. While they prevent the movement of certain things we don’t want jiggling all over the place, they also cause momentary loss of circulation. Shed those tights as soon as you can to restore blood flow swiftly.

4. To increase nerve stimulation.

Don’t let your clothing prevent your skin from feeling true sensations. Keep the synapses between your body and brain sharp and aware by walking barefoot and sleeping nude between the sheets. Parental guidance advised: Sexing it up sans lingerie and boxer briefs can actually increase blood flow to the genitals. Ow,ow!

#5 To RELAX.

You’re FREE!!

Ever watch a toddler escape from a diaper change? There’s something exhilarating about being able to move about without any restrictions. Be one with the air, let your problems go, run care-free around your house or yard (I mean hey, I’m not going to stop you) and relax a little. The escape can be truly therapeutic.

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