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Fitness Friday | Ja Jones

Welcome back to our Fitness Friday series! Fitness Fridays are the cherry on the top (of ice-cream right?? Because balance!) of the week for me and I hope they are for you too! Today we're talking with Ja of FLOW studio and The November Project - woah, double the fun! Ja is super high energy and always ready for a good sweat - so it makes sense that he's rules both the bike and the high-intensity Wednesday workout! Check him out below! To learn more about FLOW studio visit

1: What brought you to Richmond?

I played baseball at the University of Richmond. I transferred in my junior year from Georgia Perimeter Community College in Atlanta, GA.

2: When did you start your studio?

My wife, Erin and I started FLOW in August 23, 2014. One day before my 30th birthday!

3: Why do you exercise?

I love to sweat. I like being challenged. I like being pushed in a workout to the point where you get so immersed in the challenge that you push that much harder. We call that, "finding your FLOW"!

4: What type of music you like most?

Being a cycle instructor i'm really pulled towards the EDM/hip hop genre. Anything with a good beat, I rarely listen to lyrics!

5: What’s your favorite “healthy” food, store or restaurant to go to in RVA?

We've been hitting the juice bar at Elwood Thompson's pretty hard lately. An "Almond Brother" add strawberry with almond milk.

6: It's the weekend in RVA; where can we find you?

In the morning you will find me at FLOW. If i'm lucky I'll get a round of golf in. We live in the very near West End and have been know to booze cruise. Get your gang of people, dogs, strollers; grab some beers or your favorite beverage; the bose wireless speaker is a must; and hit the streets for a nice walk/"booze cruise", then come back to the house and grill out.

7: What inspired you to become an instructor?

Being an athlete through college I wanted to find something that helped me push myself but also kind of had a coaching aspect to it. Cycling instructor it is!

8: In the morning you can’t live without…

A Latte! Preferrable a double shot and light on the milk(whole milk obvi though). I actually prefer a cortado from Sugar and Twine.... money!!!!

9: If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

I would buy my wife and son whatever they want! I then would for sure mark some destinations off the travel list. But the biggest thing I would like to spend some $$$ on is either flying private or flying first class. You know when you get on that cross country or trans-atlantic flight and you see those people sitting in first class, you are like man!!!!! I wish i could roll with the high class!

10: What is your favorite go-to exercise and favorite brand of workout gear?

I love anything high intensity mixed with intervals. A good FLOW Fit Class or a November Project Wednesday is just right for me. My favorite gear is anything Lululemon and definitely some nike


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