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Get your glow on' and stay lookin' fresh

Good morning babes!

So I thought with wedding season coming up it would be good time to write about the best things you can be doing NOW for glowing skin LATER (you know, in those 1000s of bridal shower, bach party, wedding pics)! It'll take about 6 weeks for your skin to see the full radiant effects so start now!

Antioxidants-These remove or prevent damaging oxidizing agents in your body.

High amount in fruits and vegetables. The best food sources- strawberries, green tea, goji berries, blue berries, dark chocolate, pecans, cranberries, blackberries, and cilantro.

Healthy Fats (Omega 3, Omega 6 and Monounsaturated)-

These help to keep the cell membrane intact and thus prevent thinning, wrinkling and drying of skin. In addition, the healthy fats increase the absorption of nutrients from fruits and vegetables when you eat them together.

Omega 3's like flax, hemp, chia, eggs, fish (salmon, trout, tuna)!

Omega 6's - we get plenty of these in the American diet.

Monounsaturated- Avocado, olives, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts,


These give skin that sun-kissed glow. Eat foods like sweet potato, carrots, pink grapefruit, tomato, red pepper, kale, spinach, apricot, kale.

Vitamin D and sunscreen-

So the sun is what allows your body to convert Vitamin D into its useful form so you don't want to over-lather yourself with SPF and block all of the healthy sunshine rays. Get about 10 minutes of natural sun per day and then apply your sun sauce :)


Drink your water!!!!!!!!!! like a lot- like wayyyyy more than your Starbucks lattes!

OMG you're going to be the most GORG bride (and bridesmaids, and wedding attendants! hahah)

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